Get Familiar With: RacecaR

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Somewhere between the land of Native Tongues and the Rawkus era roost, Windy City wordsmith RacecaR is busy motor mouthing metaphors and conscious conundrums over clouds of jazzy dust. Since the release of his first 12″ with producer K-Kruz as Modill in 2004, RacecaR has kept his pistons pumping with an unstoppable grind and relentless passion for making true school hip hop music. With three critically acclaimed Modill projects under his belt (Midnight Green (2005), Outtakes & C-Sides (2006), and Modill (2009)), RacecaR has become a European mainstay and a well respected figure in the Chicago hip hop community; however, for some odd reason, he still remains a relatively unknown MC within the blogosphere. This is exactly why RacecaR is the subject of my first post and the first MC I will shine a spotlight on for the first edition of “Get Familiar With…”

Besides this one post, a first time future RacecaR fan will definitely want to begin his/her journey with Modill’s debut album, Midnight Green. Full of spaced out soul, crisp drums, and features from De La Soul’s Dave, Diverse, and future Get Familiar With candidate Thaione Davis, RacecaR’s unveiling is an unheralded underground classic. Proof can be found in the streams and downloads below.

In 2010, RacecaR continues to burn rubber and do donuts around the globe. He most recently connected with long time friend and MC Apoc on a side project that began with a single from Apoc and Rel’s (The Ritz) 2008 record, The Night of Day. The popular Langston Bukowski single motivated the two artists to collaborate on an entire album, which turned into the slept on Down & Out in Chicago and Los Angeles freebie that has been collecting digital dust on Bandcamp’s mantle since the turn of summer. Other than that, he remains buried in blog rubble, unknown or forgotten, until now.

Below are a few loose tracks, an 11-track introduction mix, a video for The Ritz’ Langston Bukowski, and the latest free album from RacecaR & Apoc (Langston Bukowski) called Down & Out in Chicago and Los Angeles. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Download: Modill- Gloss

Download: Modill- Music

Download: Debilorithmicos- Devil’s Hand ft. RacecaR and Sarah G

Download: Get Familiar With RacecaR Mix

Track List

1. What’s This Mug’s Name? (Modill- Outtakes & C-Sides)

2. Gloss (Modill- Outtakes & C-Sides)

3. Step (Modill- Self Titled)

4. It’s Time (Modill- Midnight Green)

5. Bigger Cents (Modill- Midnight Green)

6. Music (Modill- Midnight Green)

7. Devil’s Hand ft. RacecaR & Sarah G (Debilorithmicos)

8. High Energy (Modill- Midnight Green)

9. Shudder the Earth (Modill- Outtakes & C-Sides)

10. Moves ft. Truth Enola and Thaione Davis (Modill- Midnight Green)

11. Juxtapose (Modill- Outtakes & C-Sides)

Download Free Album: Langston Bukowski (RacecaR & Apoc)- Down & Out in Chicago and Los Angeles

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