Game – Heart Breaker ft Rev Burke (prod by RZA)

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So blah blah Game mixtape blah getting sued blah blah RZA whatever… I don’t really care about the Game one way or the other, nor this lawsuit nonsense. What drove me to post this song is the following:

1. This might be the best new RZA beat I’ve heard in some time. If he chooses to pursue the hiphop hippy route, this is the way to do it. Incidentally, I got nothing against Grand Funk (the original G.Funk if you wanna get dumb-clever), but there are buttloads of phenomenal obscure heavy blues and blues-rock records he could draw on without getting into sticky copyright beefs. For the hell of it, video for a duly bong-rattling live version of the problematic sample is embedded at the top of the post.

2. Burke is the shit, as previously noted here

DOWNLOAD: Game – Heart Breaker ft Rev Burke (prod by RZA) NO DJ

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