G-Side – The One… Cohesive Album Commercial #3 + Best 2010 Tracks

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1.1.11 #3 from Lawrence and Clark on Vimeo.

Final (and best yet) commercial before the rapidly approaching and highly anticipated 1.1.11 release date. If you missed the previous two commercials you can see them on Lawrence and Clark’s vimeo page here.

As a refresher, I put together a brief collection of my favorite G-Side songs released in 2010. I purposefully left off all remixes, ST and Clova solos and group guest appearances – the 6 songs included are (imo) the pure distillation of what the group had to offer this year as a representation of their unique aesthetic. THESE are why I’m looking forward to their next album.

Included are:
G-Side – Dreamz
G-Side – Impossible ft Geographer & Jhi Ali
G-Side – Money In The Sky ft Chris Lee
G-Side – Back 2 Tha Future
G-Side – #ImSorry (only a tagged mixtape version was released, #ImSorry)
G-Side – Relaxin ft GMane

DOWNLOAD: G-Side Best of 2010

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