G-Side – Money in the sky ft Chris Lee (Prod. By Basmo Family)

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While on a short tour in Norway, G-Side and CP of the Block Beattaz hooked up with singer Chris Lee and production team Basmo Family to record this track and video. Pretty amazing turn around time considering they were there for only 5 days.

G-Side – Money in the sky ft. Chris Lee (prod. by Basmo Family)

The trip and the recording process were captured with considerable photographic acumen by 30 Pack. Here’s a small sample of his work, you can see more on his site http://creamydirtytalktalk.blogspot.com/




There is more info, pics and video about this trip and collaboration on Southern Hospitality, who are way more eloquent about all this than I am.

Credit for the SMS logo goes to my good friend John Turner, go here for more of his work on SMS/DB49 related art and merch.

Thanks to Codie G for sharing the wealth.


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