G-Side – I’m Sorry (Jake One Remix)

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I’m slightly torn here.
On the one hand, Jake One’s beat is very good. The drums are heavy, and much like on Bossman’s original version the vocal harmony is used as a musical instrument to great effect.
But on the other hand, there’s a certain mis-match in vibe. The heavy drums ground the song, give it a an immediacy that’s just slightly at odds with the starry-eyed lyrics and the astral feel that permeates both the album version and much of the rest of G-Side oeuvre. Simply put, this isn’t spacey enough.
Granted, this is supposed to be a re-interpretation and not a re-tread, so in that light the remix unquestionably succeeds. Maybe I’m just too attached to the original to accept Jake One’s version on it own terms.
DOWNLOAD: G-Side – I’m Sorry (Jake One Remix)

For reference, here’s the album version via G-Side’s Bandcamp.


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