G-Side – Rising Sun ft. Kristmas (Video)

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I gotta admit, when I first heard this song the beat overshadowed the lyrics. Months later the thing that happens at roughly 1 minute 46 seconds still makes me go from six to midnight. But beyond the ridiculous production the subject matter in the song, the ‘W2 boy’ idea, needs to be heeded and appreciated as it is essential to understanding to what the group is all about. So the video doesn’t just underscore it, it hammers the point home in the most direct manner possible – it shows explicitly that one of the better rap songs of 2009 wasn’t made by a guy on a yacht or on the corner. It was made by an (ex) gas station attendant*, a barber and a cell phone salesman.

*ST has since quit the gas station, congratulations to him on that. He is currently a full time rap star and a part time intern at BALL Productions.

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