G Dep Facing Life in Prison

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G Dep(ressed)

G Dep could be facing life in prison after confessing to a murder he committed seventeen years ago. The former Bad Boy signee, born Travell Coleman, was at his best on DJ Premier’s Head Over Wheels, and has been pretty much irrelevant since he released Special Delivery and introduced the Harlem Shake to the world. But Coleman, 36, walked into the 25th precinct on December 15th to come clean about a shooting that happened when he was 18 years old. The NY Post has more

“I shot and killed someone 17 years ago,” Coleman told a cop in the station house.

As Coleman continued to reveal more details of the Oct. 19, 1993, murder of John Henkel outside the James Weldon Johnson Houses — things only the killer would know — the officer reached out to investigators at the 23rd Precinct, where the crime took place.

“It was just eating away at him,” said a police source.

Admittedly, in a seperate report, Coleman was unaware that the victim had died as a result of crime.

“I was surprised — for some reason, I really didn’t think that he died,” the bald and bearded Coleman said in a jailhouse interview.

“When they told me, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m not going home after this.'”

G Dep’s mother and girlfriend both tried to stop him from confessing. That is good family, people. I don’t know how many of you have considered confessing to a murder you did almost 20 years ago, but that right there is good advice. I understand he needed to get the murder off his chest and do the right thing, but that is exactly the route I hope my family would take.

Let’s just wish G Dep luck in court, and hope he had himself a fantastic day before the confession. Oh, and make sure you listen to Head Over Wheels a few times. You probably won’t be hearing anything new from him for a long, long time.

Editor’s Note: I realize this occurred over a week ago, but felt the need to address it for any readers that didn’t know. Peace.

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