Forest Swords – Thor’s Stone

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You may remember Forest Swords from his 2010 debut Dagger Paths; an album that was commonly described as “Burial collaborating with [INSERT DRONE ROCK BAND NAME HERE], produced by Lee Perry at Black Ark Studios during the late 70s.” It was a strange description but a fairly apt one, the music was hard to describe or categorize properly but it did bear all the elements listed above. Gloomy drone, braced by primal dub rhythms and uneasy electronic flourishes… it played like a soundtrack to a tribal ritual occurring in a distant future where humanity has scattered among the stars, lost the uniting threads of a culturally centralized civilization, and reverted to some futuristic form of anarcho-primitivism revolving around worshiping comets and hunting with laser-tipped spears. Needless to say, I was all over it.
I’ve been eagerly waiting for some form of follow up to all this, and it’s finally here, and it’s just as awesome as that nonsense I just wrote (hopefully) makes it sound.  Just one mysterious song for now, but hopefully a new album or an EP or something is in the works.


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