Fiend ‘The Bailout’

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The fact that former No Limit artists still carry the label’s stigma today is hard evidence of how nerdy and eager to impress most of the people who shape the rap internet were in the late 90’s. No Limit has been an internet whipping boy for years in favor of Anticon, 21st Century Masta Ace, The Blueprint, Little Brother and other fleeting true school net trends. Its a shame, as incredible emcees like Mac and Fiend will never receive the praise they deserve.

Former Big Boy/No Limit/Ruff Ryder’s rapper Fiend has never been able to break through the Master P glass ceiling, but has always maintained his effectiveness. Sure, he may have peaked with There’s One In Every Family, but that album was a perfect storm of a production crew hitting their stride, a great roster of potential guests and the relative freshness of Fiend’s style. Since then, Fiend has continued to put out great records.

The Bailout showcases Fiend’s longstanding ability to alternate between laid-back gumbo funk and hyped up whomp-whomping. When the beats are creative and Rick seems inspired, he sounds as dope as ever. Silly RocNation rumors aside, someone should scoop this guy up, if not simply for his ghostwriting acumen. Still the Baddest Mothafucka Alive.


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