“Felt 3”: Cash cow and incestuous promo vehicle

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Rappers turning profits in this day and age are not to be ignored. However, a cursory glance at the tracklist of the latest Felt incarnation leaves me scratching my head. Twenty-One songs. Twenty-One, really? Rapidly nearing 2LP status. And are we expected to believe that we’ll be treated to top-notch performances on all twenty-one joints? It doesn’t matter whether or not this album delivers, because of the name recognition behind it, the hardcore fanboys (they are many and multiplying) will denounce any criticism as heresy.

I’m also left wondering why Aesop Rock is at the production helm this time around. Isn’t there an army of producers worldwide who are equally suited when placed next to Aesop Rock who would be far better served by this level of exposure? Don’t get it twisted, this has nothing to do with Aes Rizzle’s beat bonafides. But he certainly doesn’t need a boost of this magnitude in helping to further establish his brand.

Who knows? Maybe it drops and kids and adults worldwide shit in their pants over its illy. But at this point it simply feels like a cheap and virtually pain-free method to clock indie megabucks before the year’s end.


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