Father’s Children – Who’s Gonna Save The World (OUT ON NUMERO THIS WEEK)

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Numero puts out the best soul re-issue albums/compilations around, bar none. I’ve probably mentioned this before as I’m a huge Numero fan/stan. Their newest is the first album by Father’s Children, an obscure soul outfit from DC. I’m not really familiar with the group, but this little nugget in the description from their blog is all I needed to hear: “an amalgam of sunny vocal group harmonies, fuzz-guitar solos, shimmering keys, bubbling percussion, spiritual prophecy, and dub experiments”. This sample track sealed the deal.

DOWNLOAD: Father’s Children – Dirt and Grime (via Numero’s Blog)

Album is out on LP/CD/MP3 tomorrow, you can buy it directly from Numero HERE. That link also has info on this band and snippets of the whole album.

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