Eminem Tribute to Proof

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The song everyone thought Eminem would make as a tribute to Proof has finally been leaked, and Eminem is not happy about it. Apparently, Difficult was recorded as part of the grieving process, and was never meant to be heard by the general public. It is unfortunate that this is how we get to hear it, but it is interesting to hear even if it does sound somewhat unfinished. Although it’s probably a good thing there’s no cheesy chorus forced inbetween the verses, as I’ve never thought generic choruses ever fit with extremely personal songs.

It’s definitely nice to hear Em reminisce about one of the few positive relationships he seemed to have, as well as moments he and Proof shared together. The beat could’ve been a bit less boring, but I guess the lyrics should be the focus of a track like this anyways. I’m not sure how much I dig the track overall, but at the very least it’s something new and interesting from Eminem. Plus, it’s always difficult (for lack of a better word) to critique a person’s emotions, especially if it wasn’t meant to be released. So check it out for yourself.

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