Ellay Khule – “Rifleman” b/w “Knuckle Sandwich” 45

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Damn. This is incredible. Do you know how long hardcore west coasters have been dreaming of some shit like this??! Remembering all those ugly, twenty-ninth generation dubs yet? From Asita Recordings:

There are certain songs that we’ve always dreamed of seeing on vinyl. The Asita Recordings Cali Classics imprint is proud to announce that our inaugural release is finally here! Ellay Khule does not disappoint with two definitive cuts from his early catalog.

Originally self released in 1993, on Riflemanz Kclas-Sixx Vol 1., Knuckle Sandwich is a textbook example of the forward-thinking stylistic approach which would become Ellay Khule’s hallmark. On the flip, the rapidfire chopping of Rifleman showcases a devestating range of rhythmic percision.

Pressed on limited vinyl 45. Comes with lyric sheets. Mastered by Deeskee.

I’m ’bout to order this, baby. “Rifleman” is soooooo clean. You should, too.


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