El-P – Everything Must Go (lost demo)

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This does indeed feel like a demo when compared to the version that was on the I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead. It sounds stripped down, like the usual dimensions of the sonic maelstrom that have become trademarks of El-P’s production were peeled away to reveal the raw core of the song. Which is likely exactly what happened here, if you reverse the attached description to reflect the time line of our exposure to the different permutations.

El-P: this was the original demo of “everything must go” from 2007s ISWYD album. it was revamped for the record so this version has been tucked away in the files for years. enjoy!

<a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/el-p.bandcamp.com/track/everything-must-go-lost-demo');" href="http://el-p.bandcamp.com/track/everything-must-go-lost-demo">EVERYTHING MUST GO (LOST DEMO) by EL-P</a>

Free for download via El-P’s bandcamp page.

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