Earl Sweatshirt – FYC ft Gruzen / Mollywhopped

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Two old/(new to me) Earl songs that have been making the rounds on the net over the last few days, both from 2009. Neither one of these would sound too out of place during the Rawkus/indy era. The subject matter is far less extreme here than on his later songs, which makes me wonder how much influence Tyler has on Earl’s content.

Earl – FYC ft Gruzen

Earl – Mollywhopped

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4 Responses to “Earl Sweatshirt – FYC ft Gruzen / Mollywhopped”

  1. JC says:

    but listen to earl’s verse in “oldie” its not obscene nor violent and tyleresque. all the OF niggaz just like to clown out every once in a while. also, hodgy is probably 10000x times worse than tyler.. js

  2. Fred says:

    Every1 from OF music has changed since tyler staha still dope tho

  3. Hughes122 says:

    man Tyler messed this dude up baaaaad .

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