Dred Skott 4 President

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Dred Skott: Esby the Bully, Reggie the Genius…a group you need to familiarize self with… pop this in and begin to wrap your mind around the concept of a group spittin the whole truth minus the facts. Not to be confused with being lyrical just to be lyrical, that only goes so far and is often forgettable. To make it below the Mason Dixon it’s got to have SOUL !!! (see not afraid & you can’t bury me)

However, it helps if the lyrics are untouchable…
Pop told me great great great grand dad was known to get it poppin/
for tha rest of them field niggas when they was pickin cotton/

-Esby “Paraynoid”

This is one of the few times where the music truly speaks for itself so roll one up and bang Dred Skott for President.. also be on the lookout for the collab album titled League of Extraordinary G’z coming soon with label mates SouthBound and Austin’s sons C.O.D.

-The Mayor

Note From Blast: These dudes are legit. There is a great chemistry between the two emcees and they have a solid ear for beats. The subject matter is well-balanced and these guys can write. Take heed…


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