Does Elzhi care anymore?

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First read this and then this and then this.

El – Why do you even bother anymore? You’ve been phoning in verses for years now. What happened homie? You used to be the future star. You were that ’87 Topps Bo Jackson Future Star at one point. You continued to steal the show and we all rooted for you. Are you bored? Are you uninspired with rap? Are you all disgruntled because the Fat Beats album wasn’t promoted well or that Slum Village is run by snakes? Black Milk deserves better. We the people deserve better. Enough with this bullshit. Don’t waste anymore time talking about T3. Stop with the Nas remake. Get your shit together or just fall the fuck back. And you owe Mic King his $ back for that wack verse too.


The People That Still Have Faith In Elzhi

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