DJ Quik: The Definitive Collection

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Best Of DJ Quik Cover

A repost of mine since Blogger was hatin’ and DJ Quik is the shit.

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Disc 1

101 – DJ Quik – Born And Raised In Compton
102 – DJ Quik – Get at Me
103 – DJ Quik – Tonite
104 – DJ Quik – So Many Wayz (ft 2nd II None and Peter Gunz)
105 – DJ Quik – Safe and Sound
106 – DJ Quik – Sweet Black Pussy
107 – DJ Quik – Pitch in on a Party
108 – DJ Quik – Summer Breeze
109 – DJ Quik – We Still Party
110 – DJ Quik – Fuck Y’all (ft Kurupt)
111 – DJ Quik – Hand In Hand (ft 2nd II None and El DeBarge)
112 – DJ Quik – Quikker Said Than Dunn
113 – DJ Quik – Dollaz and Sense
114 – DJ Quik – 50 Ways
115 – DJ Quik – You’z A Gangsta

Disc 2

201 – DJ Quik – BlaqKout (ft Kurupt)
202 – DJ Quik – Trouble
203 – DJ Quik – Real Doe
204 – DJ Quik – Quik Is The Name
205 – DJ Quik – 9x Outta 10 (ft Kurupt)
206 – DJ Quik – Lets Get Down (ft Tony, Toni, Tone) (Death Row remix)
207 – DJ Quik – Late Nite (ft 2Pac and AMG)
208 – DJ Quik – There She Goes (ft Warren G and Nate Dogg)
209 – DJ Quik – Spur of the Moment (ft Ludacris)
210 – DJ Quik – Mo Pussy (ft 2nd II None)
211 – DJ Quik – Medley For A V (ft 2nd II None, AMG, Snoop Dogg and El DeBarge)
212 – DJ Quik – Hey Playa (ft Kurupt)
213 – DJ Quik – Get Up (ft The Game and AMG)
214 – DJ Quik – Tanqueray
215 – DJ Quik – Whateva U Do

Disc 3

301 – Suga Free – If U Stay Ready (Remix)
302 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 1
303 – Danny Boy – Come When I Call
304 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 2
305 – 2nd II None -. If You Want It
306 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 3
307 – Suga Free – On My Way
308 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 5
309 – 2Pac – Heartz Of Men
310 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 6
311 – OFTB – Crack ‘Em
312 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 7
313 – Truth Hurts – Addictive (ft Rakim)
314 – DJ Quik – Roger’s Groove
315 – Janet Jackson – All For You (DJ Quik rmx)

— Snoop Bloggy Blogg

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  106. Chris says:

    Great compilation as usual but where’s the rest of your archives from this year and years previously?

    I wanted to download some prev. unreleased joint from Company Flow that you blogged about a while back and now it’s gone. What happened? Did you move it to another site? Chris

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