DJ Burn One – Bobby Cox

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This is taken from the Are You Listening? mixtape, which was put together by DJ Burn One and to to promote the upcoming CMJ showcase of the same name. There’s lots of interesting stuff on there which I have yet to go through, but the thing that had me click on ‘download’ immediately was this solo track by Burn One himself.

The man has been on a hell of a streak lately, lending his touch to some of the better mixtapes/street albums in recent memory (check out his collaborations with Gmane, Starlito, Yelawolf, G-Side, Pill, just to name a few..) His productions have a distinct personality, occasionally even overpowering the rappers they feature. Which is exactly why him going the solo instrumental route makes shittons of sense. His previous tentative steps in this direction worked really well – see Smoke Break 2 linked below, taken GMane’s Sunday On Da Porch.

Anyway, I’ve had the track on repeat all day and I don’t want to suck the life out of it with the usual ‘sounds like this and that’. Instead I’m going to appropriate ‘trillwave‘, a previously misused term much in need of re-branding. My version of trillwave is the sound of Pimp C going really fast in a cigarette boat to meet Lee Van Cleef on Lost island for a Mexican standoff at sunset. A bunch of Andy Sidaris regulars are in tow riding jet skis or possibly sharks. That’s what this sounds like. Deal with it.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Burn One – Bobby Cox

DOWNLOAD: DJ Burn One – Smoke Break 2 (taken from GMane’s Sunday On Da Porch)

I’m pretty sure Burn One has and all instrumental album in the works called The Ashtray, hopefully it’ll sound something like these tracks above.

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