Wizard of Faggotry In Oswald State Penitentiary

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Dearest Ghostface Killah aka Ghostdini aka Tony Starks,

What happened in between:


On behalf of the Steady Bloggin’ team, I ask: Rap or retire?


P.S.: This comes from Steady Bloggin’s own Suge Knight himself, Mr. PhilaFlava –

“At first Dennis is gonna HATE us but after the smoke is clear he’ll thank us.

The man who saved the Wu and possibly hip-hop for many of us has gone a different direction. Who can blame him? Def Jam was suppose to take him to the next level but despite releasing 4 albums, this will be his 5th, he hasn’t had the same success since his Epic days. There hasn’t been an album comparable to either Ironman or Supreme Clientele. That’s not to say PTA or Fishscale didn’t have its moments. In retrospect,you could make an argument for those being the top album of their respective years. Still, Ghost needs to eat and who are we to stop him?

The problem is Dennis Coles is approaching 40 soon and there is no telling how much is left in the tank. Discouraging sales after sales can really take a toll and even though he can cake off the Wu catalog or catch a gig with his infectious charm, the fact remains Ghostface Killah took a turn for the worst sometime ago.

Nobody from his core wants to hear “The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City” and nobody outside of it will care to hear a 39 something rapper do Al Green.

This album will most definitely tank. It will been non-existent on any chart and practically unheard on most airwaves. It’ll be yet another Ghostface Killah effort that falls short. We know he still has it because heard OB4CL II but the question is when will Ghost do Ghost on Ghost album. Rap or retire?”

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