Dirty Sample Presents: The Perfect Mask (MF DOOM)

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Unofficial Release: For all the MF DOOM fans out there. Dirty Sample takes choice words from the Metal Face and laces them perfectly with his own beat styles. Running at just over 17 minutes, this is the epitome of ’short & sweet’, leaving you literally aching for more. Grab it for free then sex your ladies to it (let’s be realistic here, 17 minutes might be a bit long in that particular scenario).

Dirty Sample Presents: The Perfect Mask

The Perfect Mask (Intro)
It Ain’t Nuttin’
DOOM Vanish
Raw Co Kane
Change the Beat Pt. 1
Change the Beat Pt. 2
Important Biz
My Favorite Ladies
DOOM Escapes

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For more info please visit Neferiu Records. Peace to Dirty Sample and Dragon Fli for the look-out. –Gloss

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