Dirty Dingu$$ McGee: Still Workin’

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99% of the time when I see “Throwback Rap” I turn and run, as the product is more often than not either a limp-wristed, heartless Native Tongues imitation or some boring as fuck, soulless attempt at Kool G Rapping. Dirty Dinguss McGee and his Freeport, Long Island cohorts accomplish the seemingly impossible with their newest tape. If you told me that Putting In Dat OT: Still Workin’ was released in 1999 by Ruff Ryders or Murder Inc I wouldn’t bat an eye. They effortlessly capture that era so perfectly that even when Dirty fails, he fails like it was ’99 with R&B choruses and poor attempts at a Southern-aimed single. The production here is as good as it gets and Dirty and Roi Rapx maneuver quite well. Perfect summer jamming for that Navigator with gaudy rims and shabbily self-installed stash spot.



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