Did Lupe Just Diss Rick Ross On This B.O.B. Track?

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First off, this is a strong jam. BOB’s album will be half amazing. Regardless, I hope Ross torches Lupe for this one. Sure, he is dissing him for wearing fake sunglasses, but what else would you expect from a guy like Lupe. While Ross is a pretty big target, Lupe has supplied endless matertial for an oppenent. His wardrobe alone should be enough, nevermind the Tribe shit. Ricky survived 50 while putting out one of the best albums of 2009 and when it comes to “beefing”, I’m sure Lupe will deliver some witty lines, but he simply isn’t built for war on any level like Curtis. This is going to be hilarious.

SMKA’s 7King (who is touring with BOB) on guitar here, by the way.

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