Devin The Dude – We get high / I got a ho

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And here’s some more Devin

These are 2 new tracks from the Do Not Distherb EP, which is out today. This is meant as a prelude to Suite 420, I believe everything on the EP will be on the album.

‘We get high’ is your usual Coughee Brothaz roundtable on weed, ‘I got a ho’ is a lament on…. having a ho. Devin is pretty much on autopilot here, but I’m still entertained even when he is safely in the confines of his comfort zone so I guess I shouldn’t complain. It’s not like I’d rather hear him rap about politics or crack over dubstep. Very few people know their way around a weed song like he does, so as long as he stays at least consistent without sliding off too much I’ll stay tuned.

Devin The Dude – We get high

Devin The Dude – I gotta ho

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