Cormega – Angel Dust (Knxwledge’s nw​.​im​.​gne​ Remix) / AZ – A.W.O.L. (Knxwledge Remix)

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Some random remix gems found while perusing Knxwledge’s bandcamp.
Theoretically ‘nw​.​im​.​gne’ shouldn’t even work, especially when compared to the vastly gullier original. The beat is good but it feels wrong; the breathy vocal sample makes it far too soft for this setting and distracts from the lyrics. But the juxtaposition hooks you, and the sum total feels pleasantly compacted and economical, and it becomes addictive even if somehow fleeting. I keep re-listening to at least partly because I’m not sure if I really liked it before, but end up enjoying it every time.

The A.W.O.L. remix is a far safer bet. Putting AZ over a smooth yachty sample is a guaranteed win.


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