Codie G – One…Cohesive PSA (prod by R.Dot) / Must Be… Music (prod by The Block Beattaz)

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Pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Above is a very small piece of a very near future (I strongly urge you to click on the image to see it in full). Directly below (PSA) is the present. A little further down (Must Be… Music) is a bit of history. 1.1.11 is when they all combine.

Today we officially start the push towards G-Side/Block Beattaz/Slowmotion Soundz first full length album since Starshipz and Rocketz, One…The Cohesive Album. While I type we are taking labor day to actually start work. PSA is below. Leh Go.

-Codie G

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Codie G – One…Cohesive PSA (prod by R.Dot) via

DOWNLOAD: Codie G – Must Be… Music ft Eric Robertson (prod by The Block Beattaz)

For more insight read Codie’s NPR interview here.

Via Hunstville Got Starz, ATX, Southern Hospitality, and the internet at large. Art, as always, by John Turner Jr.

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