Christopher CoShea Campbell – Standing At The Crossroads / Black Bird Singing Acapella

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A very fortuitous random internet find here…

…from my upcoming solo funk rock album which will consist of 14 original songs, including my cover of Eddie and Ernie’s song Standing at the Crossroads.

The guitar heavy album which is written and produced by me, and I’m playing all of the instruments, is an amalgam of influences that ranges from Hendrix, Parliament-Funkadelic, early Prince, Bootsy to Zeppelin & Bowie.

-Christopher CoShea Campbell

I don’t think the album actually came out yet, all I have to go on are the two songs below. Granted, it’s almost impossible to live up to the expectation set by the description above, but Campbell is clearly a talented guy and his music does bear obvious traces of all the name-checked influences. The borderline face-melting guitar solo on Standing At The Crossroads should help squelch your understandable skepticism.

DOWNLOAD: Christopher CoShea Campbell – Standing At The Crossroads

DOWNLOAD: Christopher CoShea Campbell – Blackbird Singing Acapella

You can read more about the artist and the origins of Standing At The Crossroads here, here and here.

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