Chopped & Screwed Loosies: Tree, A$AP Ferg, Curren$y, MondreMAN, Ahyve

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Got a few interesting chops on deck, figured I’d roll all the magic into one bundle. The secret ingredient is cough syrup. For convenience, if you happen to like all of these you can download them all in one zip file HERE.
Tree – Amy (C&S by J.Scott And Shit): I was skeptical of this one, both Tree’s voice and production are unique, messing with them might not be the best idea. But it works somehow, even with the chops and the tempo change this mix still retains the appeal of the original. It just tweaks it a bit.

A$AP Ferg – A Hundred Million Roses (C&S by Slim K): Now this makes a ton of sense. I’m not sure how many would agree here, but Slim K has been doing a better job with A$AP slowdowns then Ron C.

Curren$y – Smoke Sumthin (C&S by Villain): It’s Curren$y over Elevators, of course it works. Sounds like when you get so high you can hear your heart beat in your temples. Shame it’s not the version with Wayne on it.

MondreM.A.N. – March Nigga Step (C&S by BeeaReADee): Nem270’s beat lends itself really well to the c&s treatment.

Ahyve – If You Still Care / A Pimp Not A Simp (both C&S by BeeaReADee): The slowed Mondre song led me to these two. As mentioned elsewhere I’m a huge fan of the unclassifiable genre-bending remix compositions that occasionally pop up on Ahyve’s mixtapes. They’re already space cadet catnip in their original form, the slowed treatment only digs the rabbit hole deeper.


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