Chimurenga Renaissance (Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces) – A toast to Frame & Ro Ft. Palaceer Lazaro

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So it turns out that Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces quietly released a solo album called Pungwe last October, under the name Chimurenga Renaissance. I’m not sure if the name change and the vaguely clandestine nature of this release were meant to purposefully eschew attention from the white indie media that heartily embraced Black Up; it seems possible considering what I’ve heard from the album so far carries a very strong Afrocentric theme. Regardless of intentions and politics, Pungwe is sounding very good and merits a separate post in its entirety.
For the purposes of this post we can bypass the above quandaries, and simply say that the first track on the album features Palaceer Lazaro. Which effectively makes it a new Shabazz Palaces song. And it’s just as good as anything else they’ve released since Black Up (which isn’t much), and will help hold you over until their next proper project.

Gotta nod to It Caught My Ear for originally pointing a lead on all of this.

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