Chicano Batman – Chicano Batman

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A great summer album and beyond that one of my favorite albums of any genre in the last few years. The band’s music is hard to describe or neatly classify, it’s a unique take on Latin psychedelia and American soul. However, while the genre tags are hard to pin, the distinct feel of warm weather music is immediately obvious; images of blue sunny skies, lush greenery and waves gently crashing on white sandy beaches all come pouring out of the speakers from the very first notes.
Through tremendous good graces of Jeff Weiss from Passion Of The Weiss I got a chance to interview Bardo Martinez, the lead singer of this band. Bardo and I talked a bit about their influences and origins, as well as the band’s aims and philosophical outlook. I think in the process we did a pretty good job of parsing Chicano Batman’s singular musical stylings. You can read the interview HERE.

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