Chase N. Cashe ‘LOVEnd’

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I am by no means a fan of instrumental hip hop. Perhaps I don’t lay around and nod out with some heroin often enough, but its just not for me. I do, however, enjoy the work of the Surf Kids. Chase N Cashe, Chili Chill, Hit-Boy and Co. are all great both on the mic and behind the boards. As a crew they posses tremendous potential as hit makers in the current climate. Check out a ton of their work here

Chase N. Cashe combines hard drums, laid back grooves and just enough glitch to keeps things interesting here. Considering this is the first I have heard in 09, I am going to declare LOVEnd the INSTRUMENTAL HIP HOP ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Preview a few cuts, download the album and let me know which Ethiopian xylophone album produced by Madlib’s childhood babysitter’s cousin is better…


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