Charles Hamilton disses Jay-Z and Chris Brown

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Sonic is back and it’s…. actually not bad? After takin’ more Ls than broke Chicago folk last year, Charlie’s album with Interscope was indefinitely put on hold while he seemingly disappeared from the limelight. Returning recently with a new blog and six mixtapes, he also dropped a shot at some guy who cried his way through Michael Jackson karaoke and a guy who’s about the same age as Michael Jackson. Mashin’ up Rihanna’s “Lemme Get That” for a crazy beat, sounds like someone’s lookin’ for a lil attention. “This nigga just started smellin’ his own piss/ deckin’ his chick over some cellular phone shit [….] You were born to a groupie you stupid mothafucka/ you lucky I ain’t have my niggas chew you up at Rucker” and “Apparently, you don’t know nothin’/ You can’t run a town that you don’t show up in/ So what? There’s a J on your roster that’s nicer than you…” Well damn.

Charles Hamilton – Good Guy Goes Off (Chris Brown and Jay-Z diss)
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— Snoop Bloggy Blogg

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