Central Services – What God Should Do

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Unreleased track from 2005, to be included on the upcoming Central Services EP Forever Frozen in Television Time. Gotta love the unhinged quality here. Camu probably knows he can’t ‘sing’ in the traditional sense of the word, but he just doesn’t really seem to give a fuck and plows through the song with the confidence of Tony Bennett doing the second encore of a permanent weekend engagement at The Bellagio. It’s the Mike Tyson “I’m gonna fuck you till you love me” strategy.

<a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/el-p.bandcamp.com/track/what-god-should-do');" href="http://el-p.bandcamp.com/track/what-god-should-do">WHAT GOD SHOULD DO by EL-P</a>

via El-P’s bandcamp page

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