Celebrate 4/20 w/DMV’s Benji

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Known for his output of the 202 mixtapes that flooded the DC/MD/VA area and rolling his crew 3 Stars 2 Bars, Benji blesses us on 4/20 with SSD2 (Same Shit, Different Part 2). Ok, you wanna check out Part 1 beforehand? Peep the blog: http://www.3stars2barsmusic.blogspot.com/. Everything you need to peep from what Benji has done over the years up til now will give you an idea of this man’s hustle. Now back to the project. This project features Diamond District’s X.O. as well as DMV artists Whitefolkz, D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M., Ab The Producer (who produced hald of X.O.’s 1.1.10), Toney Night, Gordo Brega, K-Beta, Ricky Parker, and Yanistar. He is one of the main cats you’ll see hold it down at the PURE Open Mic and also one of the cats you will see take out of town trips and hustle his product. Then hustle some more with his projects giving him a pretty decent catalogue. Not only just for himself as well as his collaborations with other folks. And for all smokers, get your coordination back for a second, put down the doritos, and download this shit right chea’.


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