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Duppy Gun Feat. Early One & I Jahbar – Mad (Produced by DJ Talus Glider aka Butchy Fuego)

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
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Been waiting for a Duppy Gun full-length compliation/album for a while now, today the info for it was finally officially announced via Stones Throw. I love this label’s fractured and occasionally abrasive but always interesting experiments in dancehall and dub, the first new single is right in line with their past work, so I’m really all about this. My only concern is that the album’s tracklist only shows the vocal takes. Hopefully the dubs/versions will be released as well, as they have occasionally proven to be the more interesting sides of the Duppy Gun singles.

Dub For Light – Live Dub Set On Shanty Town (BBOX Radio 07/24/14)

Monday, August 4th, 2014
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A few weeks ago I was invited to sit in on a dub set to be played by Dub For Light for Tony Conquerrah’s Shanty Town radio show on BBOX Radio. Not just a usual DJ or a selector set, but an actual live performance, with songs being mixed right in the studio in real time. I am a huge fan of dub, but have never had the pleasure of seeing it created live before. Naturally I accepted gladly.
Dub For Light is just one man, but he wields a wicked army of equipment. He arrived to the studio with what he called his ‘small’ set-up, an array of mixers, samplers, pedals and other things with knobs and buttons that I couldn’t identify. He assembled his complicated schema of wiring, said a few words of introduction, turned on one of his buttons and then then room suddenly pulsed with bass. For the next half-hour he was hunched over the controls like a mad scientist, tweaking knobs and fiddling dials with wild abandon, cackling maniacally as sparks flew between his fingers and flickered in his hair. Waves of deep chunky dub poured forth from his hands, sound filling the room like air gushing into a vacuum, engulfing us completely in pure awe, shaking the building to the very foundations. The ghosts of all the dub greats, the Kings and the Princes and the Super Apes, even the ones who aren’t dead, appeared in a beatific glow and smiled and nodded approvingly, exactly like old the old Jedi Masters did at the end of Return Of The Jedi.
I am exaggerating somewhat for dramatic effect, but it really was a phenomenal performance. Tony and I tried to figure out Dub For Light’s method, how much of was planned and how much was improvised, and were pleasantly stumped. Each song was distinct and carried at least a suggestion of individual shape, but there was also a feeling of an ongoing riff, an off the cuff quality that persisted through the entire set. The man himself kindly shed some light on this, his brief explanation is included with the recording.
Ultimately, how Dub For Light did it may not matter as much as the effect he produced. Tony and I really were somewhat awestruck, that part is 100% true. Our heads nodded to the percussion, our stomachs rumbled with the bass, and when the man hit the effects pedal the floor really did drop away beneath our feet. It was awesome. The full set is below, enjoy.

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Duke Bloggin Presents: Grilled Fish Collie Weed & Raid 2

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
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The second installment of the Duke Bloggin reggae compilation series for Passion Of The Weiss. This one had no specific theme or aesthetic inspiration in mind. Instead it’s an eclectic collection of new or newly discovered songs I have recently enjoyed, mixed in with a few old favorites that I’ve been saving for this occasion. My only (very loose) criteria for selections, aside from them being good, was to include certain touches of weirdness, some slight esoteric qualities that make my picks stand out from the vast multitude of other good reggae and dub songs. And so the end product is a mishmash of 70s and 80s synthy dub oddities, drum machine experiments, covers, nostalgic roots throwbacks, screwed versions of classics, modern and older dub bearing some attractive passing resemblance to early dubstep, and a few ‘regular’ steppers thrown in to keep things balanced. An hour’s worth of veterans, rookies, murky depths, congenial strangeness, homages, unexpected collaborations and a few surprises. Enjoy!
1.Paul St. Hilaire – Nah Ina It
2.Henry & Louis Meet Blue & Red – Jah Jan Never Fail I (Featuring Shalom)
3.Wareika Hill Sounds – Free The People
4.Jackie Mittoo – Ayatollah
5.Aston Barrett – Work
6.Bullwackies All Stars – Space Age
7.Kalbata & Mixmonster – Prisoner in Love feat. Little John
8.Sam Bramwell‎ – It A Go Dread Ina Babylon
9.Sheriff Lindo And The Hammer – Eastern Bloc
10.Wareika Hill Sounds – Universe In Crisis
11.Steel Pulse – Roller Skates (Chopped & Screwed By DJ Screw)
12.Kalbata & Mixmonster – Same Thing Every Day feat. Mutabaruka
13.Shinehead – Billie Jean
14.Lee “Scratch” Perry – Jesus Is A Soul Man (Prod. By Clams Casino)

The post on Passion Weiss has annotations for every track, in case you want to know more. There are also a few bonus tracks included in the download, in case you really like this thing.

Duke Bloggin Presents: Grilled Fish Collie Weed & Raid 2 (TRAILER)

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014
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Behold brethren, the next installment of Duke Bloggin’s adventures in reggae and dub is coming via next week. Compiled by the venerable Duke himself, cover and the trailed above done by John Turner Jr.
While we’re getting the final drop ready, check out the previous installment of the series: Duke Bloggin Meets the Congos in Midtown

STREAM: Kalbata & Mixmonster – Congo Beat the Drum (ALBUM)

Friday, June 6th, 2014
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100% real deal dub/roots, produced by Kalbata & Mixmonster with vocals by a host of Jamaican artists including legends Echo Minott and Prince Jazzbo. Very very accessible and enjoyable stuff, catchy with just a bit of an experimental edge complimenting the classic Tubby and Lee Perry records that obviously inspired this. Highly recommended.

Lee Scratch Perry – Jesus is a Soul Man (Prod. by Clams Casino)

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014
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This is a nice surprise simply because it exists. More importantly, it’s surprisingly good. Perry is at that point of a legendary career where you revere his legacy and classic discography but mostly pretend his newer music doesn’t exist. But here Clams seems to be doing the bulk of the work, with Perry just toasting, and that he can probably do well in his sleep. So it works well.

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