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R.I.P. Phife Dawg

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016
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Taken from a T.R.O.Y. ’09 post. I strongly recommend you checking it out. –Philaflava

Phife is typically ignored during discussions of great emcees, which is a shame because his presence certainly enlivened many of A Tribe Called Quest’s greatest songs. Q-Tip’s distinctive voice and romanticist poetics were certainly a draw for many fans, but Phife’s slightly more aggressive and yet affable delivery added an extra dimension to Tribe’s very laid back approach. Try imagining a Tribe record without Phife’s vocals and you’re left with the rap equivalent of smooth jazz. Let’s take a moment to honor the funkiest diabetic not named Ghostface with some examples of rhyming excellence:

Fu-Shnickens “La Schmoove” – Chip-Fu had the acrobatic flow but Phife steals the show on this with one of the catchiest, most memorable cameo verses ever.


VIDEO: Mountain Brothers – Keep On feat. Ann One

Thursday, September 26th, 2013
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Philly’s own Mountain Brothers reunite for the Strength In NUMBERS compilation featuring an all-Asian American artist cast. “Strength In NUMBERS” is exclusivly produced by CHOPS. –Philaflava

Strength In NUMBERS Featuring Artists (listed alphabetically):

Ann One – Baiyu – Bambu – Catzie (Yellow Rage) – Connie Lim – Decipher – DJ Bonics – DJ Neil Armstrong – DJ Roli Rho – Dumbfoundead – El Gambina – Erika David – Hopie – Hoya – J-Key – Joanlee, Kiwi – Lil Crazed – Matt Cab – Mic Barz – Mountain Brothers – Nikko Dator – Paul Kim – Peril-L – Prometheus Brown – Rekstizzy – Rocky Rivera – Ruby Ibarra – Styles Infinite – Tasha aka Yoonmirae – Thai – Tiger JK – Timothy Flu – Verbal (M-Flo / Teriyaki Boyz) – Yellow Boyz.

DOOM Trapped In The UK With Visa Issues (Article Scan)

Friday, May 11th, 2012
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This scan popped up today via Twitter. I can’t find the actual text anywhere, so I’m not sure where the story was originally printed. Published in Q Magazine, but apparently in print only. If this is all true it obviously goes a long way to explain some of the recent turns DOOM’s career has taken. Click on the image above to see a larger version for easier reading. If you got any additional info on this please put it in the comments.
Thanks to Marq Spekt, Tony Wright and Philaflava homie Unclebengi for the heads up/scan/link respectively.

Atmosphere – Just For Show (New Single)

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011
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Newest single off The Family Sign that officially drops two days after my birthday on April 12. All pre-orders will receive a signed copy and possibly a mysterious pubic hair in the cd booklet. –Philaflava

The Family Sign

1) My Key
2) The Last to Say
3) Became
4) Just For Show
5) She’s Enough
6) Bad Bad Daddy
7) Millenium Dodo
8 ) Who I’ll Never Be
9) I Don’t Need Brighter Days
10) Ain’t Nobody
11) Your Name Here
12) If You Can Save Me Now
13) Something So
14) My Notes

Share your thoughts about the latest single here.

Blu finally releasing a real album

Thursday, January 20th, 2011
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Everyone’s new favorite emcee of ’07 finally decided to put out an album without that low-fi crap and poorly mixed (in some cases unmixed) tracks. I guess 2011 is the year of the little too late releases (see Saigon). We waited 4 years to get 3 tracks from Blu? Thank god for Fashawn. –Philaflava

Blu – Amnesia
Release Date: February 15th, 2011

Los Angeles MC/producer Blu has earned widespread acclaim for his collaborations with Exile, Ta’Raach, and Mainframe, and is currently at work on his major label debut for Warner Brothers. While fans wait, New World Color is happy to announce a digital EP (also available on limited edition 10″ vinyl) featuring music from Blu’s love-themed concept album Her Favorite Colo(u)r, as well as previously unheared material.

The 7-track EP, titled Amnesia, is sure to please Blu’s burgeoning fanbase. On tracks like the HFC standout “Amnesia” and the never-before-released “Amnesia(Rewind)”, the SoCal native explores the complexities of love and relationships while his own understated production sets the mood. The collection also features previously-unavailable instrumentals, showcasing Blu’s skills behind the boards. Amnesia goes digital on February 15th, just in time for Valentine’s day, and the collectible 10″ vinyl version hits stores shortly after, on March 1st. A full release of HFC is set for this spring.

Side A
1. Amnesia(Original)
2. Amnesia(Instrumental)
3. Amnesia(Remind)
4. Amnesia(RewindInstrumental)
Side B
1. Since(Original)
2. Since(Instrumental)
3. GoodMorning

G Dep Facing Life in Prison

Saturday, December 25th, 2010
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G Dep(ressed)

G Dep could be facing life in prison after confessing to a murder he committed seventeen years ago. The former Bad Boy signee, born Travell Coleman, was at his best on DJ Premier’s Head Over Wheels, and has been pretty much irrelevant since he released Special Delivery and introduced the Harlem Shake to the world. But Coleman, 36, walked into the 25th precinct on December 15th to come clean about a shooting that happened when he was 18 years old. The NY Post has more