Canibus – Best of ’97-2000

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The best freestyler on the planet. The 2nd 3rd coming of Rakim. The future of hip-hop. He was anointed as them all, and yet as meteoric as Canibus’ rise was, his fall was just as swift. A mixtape phenom, he went from lacing Tony Touch and DJ Clue to collaborating almost exclusively with Myspace rappers on their latest internet-only projects. His career decisions and ultimate downfall may have been disappointing, but they do nothing to tarnish the heights of his apex. In his prime, Canibus was an undisputed animal on the mic. His scientific style, fueled by a swift delivery, made him the standout on almost any track he appeared on, much to the fascination of both fans and peers. Frequently he’d take over songs, rhyming for twice as long as everyone else with double the ferocity, and listeners loved every bar of it.

In an age of superlyrical emcees like Big Pun, Black Thought and Ras Kass, Canibus was rhyme for rhyme one of the best rappers around. But ten years have passed since that era and rather than being seen as the new messiah, hip-hop heads typically remember him as a vessel of wasted potential. Instead of the new Rakim, he’s the guy that won the battle but lost the war to LL Cool J (some revisionist historians going so far as to say he lost both). He’s the guy that makes silly diss tracks to Eminem. He’s the rapper with the well-cultivated, yet creepy, digital fanbase. If this is the only Canibus you know, then this is the compilation for you. It packs 48 tracks split into 2 discs – The Freestyles and the Joints. The first is self-explanatory, the latter is a mixture of cameos and solo spots. Get familiar… or simply just get re-acquainted. Shouts to Dirt Dog for the artwork


Canibus – Best of ’97-2000

The Freestyles

101 Canibus – ’97 Mentality/Incarcerated Scarfaces/Freek’n You freestyle
102 Canibus – Get Up freestyle
103 Canibus – Wrong Side of the Tracks freestyle
104 Canibus – The Game freestyle ft Ras Kass
105 Canibus – Wake Up Show Freestyle ft Ras Kass
106 Canibus – Phone Tap freestyle
107 Canibus – Wake Up Show Freestyle 2
108 Canibus – Ice Cream freestyle
109 Canibus – Who Shot Ya freestyle
110 Canibus – Biggie freestyle
111 Canibus – I’ll Buss Em freestyle
112 Canibus – Oh No freestyle
113 Canibus – Stretch Armstrong freestyle
114 Canibus – Impeach the President freestyle
115 Canibus – Hot 97 freestyle
116 Canibus – Mardi Gras freestyle
117 Canibus – 4, 3, 2, 1 freestyle
118 Canibus – The Blade freestyle ft Sonya Blade
119 Canibus – Full Cooperation freestyle
120 Canibus – DaMix freestyle ft A+
121 Canibus – Westwood Ice Cream freestyle ft Wyclef
122 Canibus – Monday Night Mixtape freestyle
123 Canibus – MP3com freestyle
124 Canibus – Indestructible freestyle

The Joints

201 Canibus – Group Home Family ft Lost Boyz & Panama PI
202 Canibus – Get Retarded
203 Canibus – Fantastic Four ft Cam’ron, Big Pun & Noreaga
204 Canibus – Beasts from the East ft Lost Boyz, A+ & Redman
205 Canibus – Some Shit ft Keith Murray & Deja Vu
206 Canibus – Uni-4-Orm ft Heltah Skeltah & Ras Kass
207 Canibus – Pure Uncut rmx ft 8Ball, DMX & McGruff
208 Canibus – 2000 BC
209 Canibus – 4, 3, 2, 1 ft LL Cool J, Method Man, Redman & DMX
210 Canibus – Boyz 2 Men ft Lost Boyz & A+
211 Canibus – What’s Going On
212 Canibus – My Crew ft Lost Boyz & A+
213 Canibus – Channel Zero ft Mr Cheeks
214 Canibus – No Airplay ft Wyclef & Manhunt
215 Canibus – Desperados ft The Firm
216 Canibus – How We Roll ft Panama PI
217 Canibus – Music Makes Me High rmx ft Lost Boyz & Dogg Pound
218 Canibus – Gone ’til November rmx ft Wyclef & R Kelly
219 Canibus – 100 Bars
220 Canibus – Second Round KO
221 Canibus – Mic-nificent
222 Canibus – Phuk U
223 Canibus – Buckingham Palace
224 Canibus – AIDS Is Gold HIV Is Platinum

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6 Responses to “Canibus – Best of ’97-2000”

  1. Rob D says:

    guy fell off so hard, this reminds me of when he was killin em, nice

  2. Kay says:

    this is tight!!!

  3. Scribe says:

    This comp reminds me of ’97-98. I’d add “Nigganometry” and “MAking Names for Ourselves” to the selections.

  4. ESEUNO says:

    very nice, muchos gracias.

  5. P says:

    I’m lookin’ for a freestyle Bis did over the “Operation Lockdown” (Heltah Skeltah) beat, you have it/heard it by any chance? It had a few other dudes on it as well, and I THINK it was on an early Kayslay mixtape.

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