Calling Out Names

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Kurupt once made an extremely underwhelming DMX diss titled Calling Out Names, let’s hope this new feature won’t be equally as entertaining. It’s been a minute since I blessed you with my unsolicited and unfavorable opinions. You don’t have to agree, you don’t even have to read them but here they are…

1. Blu – Stop with the queer videos and these half-ass lo-fi tracks. Either make a real album, with real music and release it properly or just step the fuck off the internet. You’re becoming more and more irrelevant the more Fashawn drops heat rocks. You know Fashawn, the new Blu with some street appeal? Basically, stop being an aloof sissy and put out music that you’re capable of. Ain’t none trying to hear or watch this bullshit. NONE! I say this with love too.

ParieArtNommee. from Johnson Barnes on Vimeo.

2. Wu-Massacre – A big LOL @ anyone buying this. I’ll admit, I was amped when the leaks came out earlier this year but this isn’t an album. It’s a gank move and you’re a fucking sucker if you drop your hard earned money on this shit. For starters the album lacks sequence, true collabos (see Criminology 2.5) and most importantly CHEMISTRY! The entire album was phoned in and if they were smart they would have made an EP out of this crap and done the album the right way, the RZA way. You stupid muthafuckas.

3. The LOX/Jadakiss – Yeah I heard “Slow Down” and you’re killing them, but all three of you are some hypocritical emotional queers. First you sign with Puff. Then you spend the next decade berating and threatening Puff. Now you’re back on his lap like Brett Hart is on Vince McMahons. Oh and Kiss, I know you ain’t made a “wack verse since the 90s” but you ain’t made a dope album in forever! If you’re gonna go the Bad Boy route in 2010 at least get your money right before you hit the airwaves.

4. Def Jam – Either release the new Roots album or just release The Roots. How many push backs must they get? And this is just a pre-warning but if Justin Bieber is ANYWHERE on this album I swear to god I will eBay my Def Jam University sweater.

5. Doing Nas remakes – It’s bad enough we’re not even checking for Nas these days but now all these newjacks are trying to redo Illmatic? No, bad idea. Leave that shit alone and get your own identity. No offense to some of the great talents out there like Elzhi, Freddie Gibbs or Fashawn but leave that Illmatic shit alone. It only reminds us about how shitty hip-hop really has been for the past 15 years when your best music features Illmatic productions re-written lyrics to the tracks.

6. Yelawolf – I’m a huge fan. He just signed to Interscope which only means one thing, either a 2013 record release or a 2013 contract release. Eminem collabo in 2011 though! And speaking of white emcees , just how fat is Sage Francis going to allow himself to get?

7. Brotha Lynch Hung’s Dinner & A Movie – This is the Chronic of horror core music. Yeah I said it!

8. Jay Electronica – Great rapper, great personality, great person. Having said that, if you don’t drop an album you’re going to be Saigon all over again. Remember Saigon? Yeah, never do we.

9. Joe Budden or Buddens – Why are you the most unlikable, annoying personality in hip-hop? It’s not jealousy. I think you’re actually a good lyricist but your voice in unlistenable after 2 minutes because all you seem to do is whine. You might have the sports references on lock, but you peaked. No way will you ever be anything more than a yenta talabenta. Stop whining. Stop with self-indulgent videos. Just stop.

10. Snoop Dogg – General question but after Doggystyle has ANYONE ever bought another Snoop Dogg album? Who even takes this clown serious?

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