Callin’ Out Names 2

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1. B.o.B. – It took him sometime but he finally has a commercial hit on his hands with Nothin’ On You.. Atlantic Record sure does love those “Superstar” like tracks don’t they? I don’t really have much hate on this topic but I just wanted to compare Nothin’ On You to Superstar. That’s all I got…

2. Ice Cube – STFU you old fake angry Gangsta rapper. You’re rich bitch! You have millions in the bank and Disney movie scripts up the yin yang. I know we ALL want the old Cube to return but it ain’t happening. Never can you reach the levels of success Cube has and return to Death Certificate form. Sorry, move on. If there is one good thing Cube could do before he retires its help W.C. put out more albums.


3. Too $hort – Gay album title or Gayest album title of all-time? Please retire now Todd.

4. E-40 – 40 Water just released a double album and it mostly featured the production of his son. It also featured tons of filler. Remember E-40’s best album? Well it’s called The Mail Man EP and it was a fucking EP! Get the the point?

5. College Frat White Rappers – Could we all Paypal the N.O.I. to smash these fucking mudsharks until they just disappear completely? Die, die, die.

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