Brazil’s Chief of Police killed during live radio interview

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Via The Guardian:

For police chief Clayton Leão Chaves it was supposed to be another day at the office. At around 9.40am this morning, he was making his daily journey to the police HQ in Camacari, a small city in Bahia state, and giving an interview to local radio on his mobile phone about the police’s struggle against local drug traffickers.

Then something went badly wrong.

“I heard some bangs,” one of the shows two presenters announced, perplexed, as the police chief’s voice disappeared.

“Something serious has happened to our chief. It can’t be anything else,” said his co-presenter, adding: “The chief was just talking to us. We don’t know what has happened. There is a lady weeping.”

According to local media reports, Chaves had been killed as he spoke to journalists from Bahia’s Lider FM radio station and to thousands of local listeners about attempts to improve security.

In a recording of the programme, released today, the voice of the police chief’s wife can be heard breaking into a hysterical cry. “Oh my God in heaven, Oh my God in heaven. For the love of God.”

According to reports, the police chief’s car was ambushed by gunmen, who then fled in a white VW car.

“He was talking,” his wife can be heard screaming on the recording. “He was giving an interview on the radio.”

Producers at Lider FM allowed the audio from the police chief’s mobile phone to roll for several minutes following the ambush, until a bystander appears to comfort the woman and the line finally goes dead.

You can hear the incident here.


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