BossMan – BossMan Beats Volume 1 (STREAM)

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BossMan has a pretty solid resume of beats under the SMS/O’Third Ent banner. I think his first really notable work was on G-Side’s ‘#I’mSorry’, and since then he has made some impressive contributions to the Huntsville scene (some of which we posted). This guy is definitely a worthy addition to a label that build its reputation around top-notch production.

Judging by the 200$ pricetag, I’m fairly certain that this small collection of insturmentals was posted for sales/promotional purposes, meant to be bought and rapped over. But they’re also strong enough to stand on their own without vocals, so I figured it was worth a post. The expansive spacey vibe shows traces of a Block Beattaz influence, nothing wrong with that at all.


PS: In general, SMS needs to release more instrumentals.

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