Blue Sky Black Death – NOIR + VIOLET

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The original version of BSBD’s Noir is already one of my favorite new albums of the year, while Lean Night Cinema is one of my favorite ‘older’ discoveries of the year (more about this here.) Now they release the screwed version of Noir. So this is me currently:

1. Lean Night Cinema is better than the original Late Night Cinema
2. Noir is already fantastic, I wonder how they’re gonna improve on that
3. Let’s see what they did here, :dl/open/hit play: and….



Full tracklist below the jump

via Kevin Nottingham

1. Our Hearts Of Ruin (Screwed)
2. Sleeping Children Are Flying (Screwed)
3. And Stars, Ringed (Screwed)
4. Farewell To The World (Screwed)
5. Gold In Gold Out (Screwed)
6. Where The Sun Beats (Screwed)
7. Swords From Driftwood (Screwed)
8. Sky With Hand (Screwed)

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2 Responses to “Blue Sky Black Death – NOIR + VIOLET”

  1. Alex says:

    Ya I was waiting for this one ever since YG mentioned it last week, snapped it up as soon as I saw your post. I appreciate you keeping us in mind though

  2. Justin says:

    Was just about to email this to yall, already got it though. Thanks for the post and the old posts on their BSBD’s other “screwed” projects.

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