Blue Sky Black Death – Lean Night Cinema

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I’ve been spending a lot of time with BSBD’s Noir, it’s likely to end up in my top 5 new albums for the year. The album has elements of instrumental hiphop and modern electronic music, but beyond that there are also evident traces of Axelrod productions and Morricone scores and souljazz and neo-classical and a whole lot more. It’s all very lush and cinematic and emotional, executed with operatic grandure, too good and too big to be neatly pegged down into any specific (sub)genre. It’s just beautiful music, highly recommended.

The duo’s previous work was also good but never impressed me to the same extent, so I decided to dig into their discography to re-evaluate and see if I missed anything. I found this mildly obscure gem, Lean Night Cinema. It’s the groups own ‘screwed’ reworking of 7 songs from their previous album Late Night Cinema. The ‘screwed’ tag is a bit misleading, this doesn’t really sound much like any DJ Screw tape. Only the name of the process is really applicable, and that process is a means to recontextualizing the more upbeat originals, slowing them down to something heavier, more expansive and meditative. Mood takes precendence over structure and composition here, it’s a trip through a soundscape more than a collection of songs. When I listen to it I honestly have a hard time discerning one track from the next, the entirety of it washes over me all at once and when it’s done I’m glad it happened. Ultimately I like it more than the original it’s sourced from.

DOWNLOAD: Blue Sky Black Death – Lean Night Cinema

A couple of tracks for preview purposes are below the jump.

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