Blue Sky Black Death – Glaciers (Melted)

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I’ve noticed that many BSBD fans treat these chopped & screwed album versions as minor curios, not much more than bonus addendum meant to promote the originals. I can understand where this POV comes from, but to me these c&s efforts are significant in their own right. They have their own tone, and the mood they create is distinct from the original versions. And sometimes I actually enjoy them more. To this day I maintain that Lean Night Cinema is superior to Late Night Cinema, and my preference between Noir and Noir+Violet flip-flops with every listen.
Beyond my own tastes, Ian and Kingston themselves don’t see these chops as novelties either. Both are genuine fans of screwed music, Ian especially, as attested in our recent interview (coming soon.) They were doing it before SUC’s legacy became tumblr-sexy, and elements of it have been creeping into their regular work. One song from Glaciers actually already contains a screwed passage, it’s not hard to spot if you look for it.
So give this stuff a proper chance, it might surprise you. And while we’re at it, stop the “I don’t really like screwed music but this is the GOOD kind” nonsense too, it’s idiotically myopic. Glaciers (melted) might not sound much like most DJ Screw’s tapes but it is very much inspired by his work, not some contrary corrective to it.


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