Blue Sky Black Death – Aquatic Reverie (compilation)

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So does the title make this Sea Punk? Or just very very based? Are dolphins inherently more based than humans? What about sea lions? They’re kinda based but pretty gangsta too, and sport heavy doses of OG sensibility. Sea lions are thus the Pepperboy of aquatic mammals.
Anyway, this compilation is something like an introductory overview of BSBD’s production career, which has been long and lavish like Lannister hair. If you’re only familiar with these guys via their collaborations with Nacho Picasso, this will do a good job of filling in the many blanks you’re missing. There are also a few exclusive Nacho included instrumentals to please more seasoned fans.
If you are new to this party and like what you hear, I would strongly recommend moving on to Lean Night Cinema, Noir and Noir + Violet next. Three albums of pure unadulterated dolphin sex soul mating sublimated into music, all of which I still listen to regularly.
1. Tree Tops
2. Song About The End (Delta Miror Remix)
3. Sleeping Childern Are Still Flying
4. Shot You Dead
5. Marvel
6. Chloroform
7. The Era When We Sang
8. No Image
9. Naked Lunch
10. Farewell To The Former World
11. For The Glory
12. Gold In Gold Out (Screwed)
13. Slow Years
14. Thirteen

DOWNLOAD: Blue Sky Black Death – Aquatic Reverie

VIA Beholdthedestroyer, props to those guys.

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