Blockhead – The Robin Byrd Mixtape (Mixed By DJ Pizzo)

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This mix is mainly built around “Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book” (my personal favorite Blockhead LP) and “The Music Scene”, and also includes a handful of semi-exclusive remixes that Blockhead did for fun, as well as a strange demo he did for some chick named Lizzy Grant (who you might recognize now as Lana Del Rey). I also threw in a handful of other beats, collabos, b-sides, unreleased cuts, and even some of his discarded “throwaway” demos, which in reality ain’t all that bad. So, enjoy this 80 minute mix of Blockhead classics and rarities until Midnight arrives……. – DJ Pizzo

Like the quote says, a mix of miscellanea put together by DJ Pizzo in anticipation of Blockhead’s upcoming Interludes After Midnight album. Tracklist below the jump.




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