Blast’s Best of 2009 Part I

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Here is the first of four compilations I put together to wrap up the year in rap music. I concentrated on stuff that probably won’t be featured on the lists that the other guys will be putting out, so if you are looking for Raekwon b-sides, mp3s of Joe Budden vlogs and a token Freddie Pill track, go elsewhere. This is by no means comprehensive, but this is some of the shit I liked in 09. Stay tuned…

1. Jacka & 12 Gauge “Sunshine”
2. Messy Marv ft. Young Gully “Refused”
3. Bigg Steele ft. TQ “Pinky Ring Muzik”
4. Chamillionaire ft. Z-Ro “Denzel Washington”
5. Killay Tay & Skiem Hiem ” Somethings Tellin Me”
6. Playboy Tre “Blaxploitation”
7. Freeway & Young Chris “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”
8. T-Rock “Superthrowed”
9. Doey Rock “Cold Game”
10. The Kid Daytona ft. Bun B “Airborne”
11. Rick Ross ft. Sleepy Brown “Neverland Ranch”
12. Nutt Da Kidd “Never Stop”
13. Rush “On Point”
14. Young Chris ft. Curren$y “Sail On”
15. Rich The Factor “Untitled”
16. Bigg Steele “Hail The King”
17. The Bum Keef G “Inequity”


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