Birth of a Nation: 4/29/92

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Shot from the eye of the hurricane in South Central Los Angeles moments after the Rodney King verdict was announced, Matthew McDaniel’s footage is as raw as it gets. Capturing an open sore, where uprising met opportunism, the documentary is edited into a video nasty melange of sound bites, violent rhetoric and hopeless frustration. However, it’s perhaps more notorious for its sampled use on Dr Dre’s post-King opus The Chronic. “The Day the Niggaz Took Over” and “Lil’ Ghetto Boy” both snatch the soul with a couple of poignant quotes, but to truly experience the sheer anger, it’s best to catch the whole show.

Birth of a Nation: 4/29/92 – Download Now

Also, don’t forget to check out Alex’s Gang Sign Culture in LA post as a fitting accompaniment.

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