Billy Woods & Elucid – Bank Of America (produced by Marmaduke)

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These days I don’t have much taste for the dissonant & paranoid side of the NY underground, I kinda OD’d on it back in the Def Jux glory days. But once in while some of it does catch my ear, like this track here. Billy Woods and Elucid are both undoubtedly talented rappers, but often choose production that’s too chaotic and abrasive for my liking (Elucid especially). Here it’s not too bad; the beat is drum heavy and chopped just right, metallic screeching is minimal and the Nina Simone sample is used much better than it was by those two famous rich dudes you might’ve heard about.
DOWNLOAD: Billy Woods & Elucid – Bank Of America (produced by Marmaduke)

The track is taken from a free Cost Of Living compilation album released today by Backwoodz Studios, which you can download HERE.

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