Best of ’09: Philly Mixtape Edition

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These guys may not be popular names in the blogosphere, but goddamnit they should be. Three of the most underrated releases of the year from one of the best street rap scenes in the country. Do yourself a favor and get familiar.

Reeseman Kackalack – My Moment of TruthReeseman

Reeseman Kackalack is one of the most exciting up-and-comers in the 215. This Philly/South Carolina native raps his ass off with a very unique mash-up of philly street and dirty south sensibilities. No DJ/CDQ.

On The Run

Ridin’ In My Chevy

Download the whole album HERE

Meek Mill – Flamers 2

Despite a very pause-worthy title and a rather advanced case of P.S.S. (Philly Shout Syndrome), Meek Mill managed to drop one of the most hype releases of the year.

I’m Back ft. Oschino

Download the album HERE

Young Hot – Real Recognize Me

Don’t let the hilariously cliche name fool you, Young Hot is one of more exciting new rappers to hit the scene. As soon as I heard “I’m Gone” (aka the best song about getting faded in recent memory), I instantly became a huge Young Hot fan. You should too.

I’m Gone

Free My Boys

Download the album HERE


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